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Pampilhosa da Serra

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A county characterized by a scenery of bleak mountains with rocky peaks and deep and tranquil valleys, Pampilhosa da Serra still preserves many of its typical schist houses and of its traditional customs.

The views are often dazzling in the mountainous region, where the dark green of pine-woods outlines rocky cliffs such as those that can be seen at Fajão and which shelter natural caves with magical names: House of Moors, Camões Cave, Moors Furnace...

Pampilhosa da Serra is a small town founded in 1308 and crossed by the river Unhais, where it is worth admiring the 327 metres waterfall.

At the dam of Santa Luzia, the enormous lake surrounded by imponent boulders offers the pleasures of water sports and fishing (barbels, carps, etc.) in an unique natural setting.

Beautiful sceneries can also be admired at the dam of Alto Ceira and by the banks of the river Zêzere, which crosses the south of the county to meet the river Unhais.

The region is known for being a land of rich gastronomy, namely at remote villages which have kept the secrets of traditional and diversified recipes: trouts from the clear waters of the river Ceira, a succulent chanfana (goat stew in wine sauce) or the equally appreciated maranhos (pluck of goat with rice), pork belly with stuffing, roast kid and delicious sweets such as honey cake, a creamy rice pudding decorated with naive cinnamon patterns and tigeladas (a pudding made of eggs, milk and sugar).

| Pensions and Boarding Houses (1) | Manor & Farm Houses (1) |

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