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Sever do Vouga

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The county of Sever do Vouga is situated on the limits of the district of Aveiro, between the plains of the coastline and the highlands of the Beira central plateau.

The county boasts of magnificent sceneries, ranging from the bucolic banks of the river Vouga to impressive views which may be admired from the top of the Arestal and Talhadas mountains, quaint villages with typical stone houses and natural wonders such as Cascata da Cabreira, at Silva Escura, a dazzling waterfall in a rocky gorge of the river Mau.

Sever do Vouga was inhabited since remote times and this is confirmed by the existence of several dolmens, a huge carved stone known as Forno dos Mouros, probably dating from the Bronze Age, and the remains of a Roman military road at Ereira.

In terms of architectural patrimony, the pillory transformed into a fountain and the Baroque stone cross at the parish church of Sever do Vouga, the 18th-century church of Pessegueiro do Vouga and the former Town Hall and pillory of Couto de Esteves are worth visiting.

The county offers good facilities and conditions for the practice of adventure sports, and visitors may choose between canoeing, walking, climbing, bicycle rides or building rafts, among other activities.

The local gastronomy displays excellent meat dishes, namely a much appreciated roast veal, but there are also delicious fish and game specialities.

Handicrafts also offer a wide choice and include works in linen, weaving, cooperage, basketry and typical wooden clogs.

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