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At the seat of this county in the valley of the river Vouga, Albergaria-a-Velha, it is interesting to visit the Mother Church, with retables and main altar in gilded wood-work from the 17th and 18th centuries, the House and the Chapel of St. Anthony (18th century) and the Chapel of Saint Sebastian, equally with a retable in gilded wood-work from the 17th century.

The hill of Nossa Senhora do Socorro is a pleasant place to rest and to admire the views and the pine-woods.

But most interesting of all are the rare archaeological vestiges found in the region and which confirm the presence of Man from very remote times. The mamoas, a name given by the local population due to their mamillary aspect (mama means breast in Portuguese) are funerary monuments from the Neolithic period.

The most significant nucleus is that of Tacos, where works of archaeological investigation have been going on for years with very good results. The two existing mamoas of Taco are great monticules of earth which cover dolmens and funerary chambers.

Besides these, several instruments for daily use, religious rituals and for embellishment purposes have also been found, made of lithic and ceramic materials and flint glass.

The region's handicrafts include basketry and embroideries. The gastronomy is rich, with roasted sucking-pig, rojões (spiced pork cooked in wine and garlic), eels and several recipes of lampern.

| Pensions and Boarding Houses (2) | Motels (1) | Manor & Farm Houses (2) |

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