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This area was inhabited since very ancient times, as is confirmed by several megalithic monuments and by evidence of the Roman occupation (one of the sites to visit is the Archaeological Station of Cabeço do Vouga).

The seat of the county, Águeda, prospered during the 20th century and became an industrial town, namely due to its long-standing tradition in iron craftwork.

It is worth visiting the Church of Santa Eulália (the patron saint of this small city), with a rich interior decoration and Renaissance sculptures, the old streets of the riverside quarters, and also the region's ancient estates and manor-houses (such as Quinta de Alta Vila and Quinta da Agueira, among others).

Near the tiny town of Fermentelos, Pateira is an enchanting lake of sleeping waters and rich fauna and flora.

The county also shelters small mountainous villages of simple and quaint houses, characteristic etnographical traditions and offering dazzling views (as is the case of Macieira de Alcoba, Urgueira and Ventoso, among others).

The coastline zone is fertile, with abundant lagoons, woods of pines and also vineyards, as Águeda is still included in the Bairrada Demarcated Wine Region.

The gastronomy is varied and offers specialities such as roast sucking-pig and dishes of pork, mutton and kid, besides sweets such as suspiros (sighs, small meringues) and cavacas (light, crisp cakes), besides the traditional Águeda pastries.

As for the local handicrafts, the county is proud of its basketry, ceramics, forged iron works and of its imaginative glazed tiles.

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