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Lying in a remote and untamed region, Vimioso was a defensive frontier outpost at the birth of Portugal as a nation. At the town of Vimioso almost nothing is left of the castle, but it is worth admiring the characteristic Mother Church (completed in 1570) with its two towers and splendid ceiling, the pillory and the emblazoned houses.

At Algoso, the dramatic-looking castle of the 13th century, rising inexpugnable on a hill, offers excellent views of the bleak and wild landscape with the river Angueira at its feet. The Romanic Mother Church has a bell and clock tower, and there is an interesting pillory in front of the Municipal House; the ruins of the manor-house of the Marquis of Távora and the rest of the quartz and granite houses of Algoso, with their narrow doors and windows, also attract the visitor's attention.

The county includes other sites of interest: the Roman bridges over the rivers Angueira, Sabor and Maçãs, the magnificent stone cross of Caçarelhos, or the great caves of Santo Adrião, with their treasure in marble and alabaster of undeniable beauty.

Works in copper, weaving, basketry and marble are expressive of the local skills in craftsmanship. As for the gastronomy, the invigorating diet seems to compensate the harsh landscape: veal, alheira (a kind of sausage seasoned with garlic), smoked ham and the delicious small lobsters of the river Angueira.

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