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Torre de Moncorvo

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It is by excellence the land of the almond-trees, being invaded by visitors at the end of Winter and beginning of Spring, ravished by the sight of the white mantle of almond blossom enhanced by the green and brown shades of the landscape.

In its honour, the Town Council organizes the Festival of the Blossoming Almond-Trees (in February or March), during which the visitor can also taste the savoury local gastronomy.

But don't think that this is the only season to explore the county. The town of Torre de Montecorvo is proud of its maze of Medieval streets, and specially of the magnificent 16th-century Mother Church, with an altarpiece from the 17th century depicting scenes from the life of Christ. Of the castle, little remains except for some ruins of the walls and the curious Our Lady of Remedies Arch.

Near the town, at the village of Adeganha, the visitor can admire an interesting Romanesque-Gothic church from the 13th century.

At the ancient village of Urros (founded in 1172), it is still possible to find wool and nap bedspreads, carpets, blankets made of rags and linnen bags, table-cloths and towels made by pacient women weavers.

But it is specially pleasant to enjoy the sweet speciality of the region: almonds, of course, namely those covered by a very thin layer of white sugar or by chocolate and cinnamon.

| Pensions and Boarding Houses (3) | Manor & Farm Houses (1) |

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