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Carrazeda de Ansićes

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Carrazeda de Ansićes
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Carrazeda de Ansićes is a county of contrasts, as great part of it is situated in the Higher Douro region, characterized by the valleys of the rivers Douro and Tua, with steep slopes covered by vineyards and also groves of olive, almond and fig trees and woods of pines and cork-oaks, and the other part surrounded by tall mountains, narrow valleys and small plateaux, where granite and schist predominate and the weather is harsh in Winter.

The zone was inhabited since remote times and several dolmens have been found across the county, such as the ones of Zedes or of Vilarinho de Castanheira.

The town of Carrazeda de Ansićes has also a long history but preserves few relics of its important past. Near the castle in ruins, the beautiful Romanesque church of Saint John is worth visiting, as well as the church of Sćo Salvador, in the same style.

Nearby, at Lavandeira, the church of Santa Eufémia, combining Renaissance and Baroque styles, has a curious porch with Tuscan pillars holding the roof.

Other sites of interest are the Manor of Mesquitas, at Selores, the church of Seixo de Ansićo, with a 17th-century altar in gilded woodwork, and the pre-historic village of Castanheira.

The typical handicrafts of Carrazeda de Ansićes include the unusual religious sculptures in wood of Pinhal do Norte, and also basketry and wooden casks and barrels.

As for the local gastronomy, the choice is varied, from game dishes of partridge and boar to excellent cured meats, roast kid and cod and delicious sweets and cakes made with almonds.

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