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Located on the northeast coast of the island of São Miguel, as its name indicates, the county exhibits a rugged and dramatic landscape, characterized by remains of volcanic eruptions and a series of mountains, deep valleys, streams and spectacular viewpoints: the most popular are those of Ponta da Madrugada (dawn tip, surrounded by beautifully kept gardens and considered an ideal spot to watch the sun rise), the Bartholomew Peak and Ponta do Sossego (quietness tip).

Nordeste also boasts of displaying the island's highest peak, rising to 1,105 metres.

The beauty and diversity of the county's sceneries are perfect for holidays in close contact with nature, and the gardens, forest parks and deep-blue ocean more than compensate the absence of great monuments or architectural patrimony, although it is worth admiring the Parish Church and other 18th-century buildings at the town of Nordeste.

Fans of fishing will find a rich variety of fish and the county also shelters the pretty Lombo beach.

Traditional handicrafts of Nordeste include lace, embroideries and woven fabrics.

At table, visitors may taste typical specialities of the island of São Miguel, such as caldeirada (a rich stew with a variety of fish), limpets with rice or with Afonso sauce and ensopado de truta (trout with bread and gravy), besides abundant shellfish and the island's famous cheese. Tea and pineapple are also traditional products of the «green island».

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