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Inhabited since remote times, Aljustrel became an important centre when its wealth in pyrites became known, and the mines were already explored in the 1st century BC by the Romans, who named the town Vipasca.

Over the ages, the mining industry has marked the county's economy and cultural identity, and its history is documented by the strange structures rising at the mining zone (a sort of towers used to take the ore and miners up and down), set in a harsh and fascinating scenery, and by the local Mine Museum, dedicated to the archaeological, traditional and industrial legacy.

The county's landscape is characterized by the vast and rolling wheat plains of Alentejo, except around Ervidel, surrounded by fertile and irrigated fields due to the Roxo Dam, which also offers visitors the possibility of enjoying water sports and fishing, as well as a picnics park. Ervidel is also known for its wines and typical taverns.

Another site worth visiting is Messejana, boasting of an illustrious past portrayed by the ruins of a medieval castle, noble manors, a Manueline pillory and the nearby Church of Our Lady of Assumption.

At the seat of the county, the most emblematic site is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Castle, crowned by a chapel dating from the 12th century.

It is also worth visiting the Mother Church, with precious decorated tiles, and the Miserichord Church, in the Renaissance style.

At table, the traditions of the Alentejo cooking are preserved with many dishes including ingredients such as bread, olive-oil, coriander and garlic and offering typical specialities such as gaspacho (a tomato soup always served cold), carne de porco à alentejana (a curious combination of pork and clams) or ensopado de borrego (a stew of young lamb with bread).

| Pensions and Boarding Houses (2) |

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