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Situated in northern Alentejo, the county is crossed by the Tagus and the first dam built on the river was raised at Belver, a good area for fishing and water sports such as rowing and jet-ski, or to simply enjoy a boat-ride to admire the beauty of the vegetation and of the schist ravines dropping straight into the water.

At the small town of Belver, it is worth visiting the 12th-century castle, which has been restored and encloses the Chapel of Saint Brás, as well as the 16th-century Mother Church.

The county's present seat, Gavião, was already inhabited when the Romans arrived (there is an interesting Roman bridge at Ribeira da Venda) and was given its charter by King Manuel I in 1519.

The region produces wine, olive oil and cork and is also known for cattle breeding.

Tourism priviledges the contact with Nature and offers open-air activities such as horse riding, hiking or exploring unspoilt sites of rare beauty.

Handicrafts include works in wood, cork and horn.

As for the gastronomy, it enhances the flavours of the Tagus (fresh eels, lamprey and shad), but there are also other typical dishes such as hare with cabbage, wild boar or delicious recipes of kid and lamb.

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