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Strongly marked by its connection to the river Tagus, the county of Seixal suffered a rapid development and growing urbanization over the last decades which have altered its traditional character.

Located on the Setúbal Peninsula, the natural shelter offered by the Seixal Bay made it become a centre of naval construction from the age of the Discoveries, an activity recalled at the Naval Nucleus of Arrentela, where visitors may admire several traditional boats of the river Tagus and watch models being made by craftsmen at the workshop, or at sites such as the 15th-century Quinta da Fidalga, an estate which is said to have belonged to the brother of the explorer Vasco da Gama, who came here to follow the construction of caravels.

Also associated to the river, the Tide Mill of Corroios, built in 1403, is now a nucleus of the Municipal Ecomuseum of Seixal (with headquarters at Torre da Marinha), which includes other tide mills, whereas former frigate boats are used for tours along the river between the months of April and October.

The county offers other sites of interest, such as the Quinta da Trindade estate, with panels of tiles and beautiful gardens; the Quinta do Rouxinol estate, including Roman ceramic kilns from the 2nd and 4th centuries; the Parish Church of Arrentela, rebuilt in 1759 and displaying magnificent embossed works in stucco, or the Mother Church of Seixal, with a neo-classical altar from the end of the 18th century and Baroque paintings.

The local gastronomy also reflects the county's ties to the river and offers specialities such as feijoada de chocos (cuttlefish with beans), ensopado de enguias (eel stew with bread), caldeirada (a stew with a variety of fish) or massinha de peixe (fish with noodles).

Handicrafts include miniatures of typical boats and works in cork and wicker.

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