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Between Setúbal and Grândola, and passing through the ancient town of Alcácer do Sal, the landscape gradually changes from dunes and great stretches of pine woods to the flat countryside and cork oaks characteristic of the Alentejo.

At one tip of the county of Grândola, the Tróia Peninsula is known for its holiday apartments, golf courses, and other tourism facilities, but it also shelters archaeological treasures visible in the ruins of an ancient Roman town, once a properous fish-salting centre with its great stone tanks and important residential area which have been escavated and are open to visit.

The zone also offers a natural treasure, the Natural Reserve of the Sado Estuary, which shelters a large number of waterbirds in its salt marshes, lagoons and mud flats, and there are small fishing villages where it is still possible to see traditional reed houses with roofs made from thatch.

The seat of the county, Grândola, is a pleasant town with a fine central square, Praça Marquês de Pombal, a pretty municipal garden and interesting churches such as those of Saint Peter and of Our Lady of Penha and the Mother Church.

Further south, the village of Melides also has a pretty church and lies close to two lagoons (Lagoa de Melides and Lagoa de Santo André) which offer fine beaches.

Closer to the heart of the Alentejo, the charming village of Torrão boasts of a Mother Church which has been declared a national monument and lies in a zone of bucolic beauty, with plains of wheat and olive trees stretching endlessly.

In contrast, the county also includes the Serra de Grândola mountains, with hills sheltering a varied fauna which includes hares, foxes, boars, partridges, owls and eagles, and a mixed flora of cork oaks, holm-oaks, arbutus-trees, heather, broom and olive trees.

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