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Cabeceiras de Basto

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Cabeceiras de Basto
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Cabeceiras de Basto lies in what is known as the «Lands of Basto» (Terras de Basto). Its history is lost in time: the existence of Celtic ruins and dolmens lead to believe that it was habitated in pre-Roman times.

The region was also once a refuge from the Moorish invasions and in various places statues known as bastos were found, which are believed to represent celtic warriors.

Cabeceiras de Basto contains various splendid manor houses, dating from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, and what is considered the best of the statues of the region, the Basto. Made of granite and representing the body of a warrior, it is assumed that it was built before the coming of the Romans; after the Napoleonic wars it gained, as a joke, the head of a French soldier.

However, the main attraction of Cabeceiras de Basto is the ancient and splendid monastery of Refojos, with a dome that stands 33 metres high and statues of the Apostles and the archangel Michael.

In the region, it is worth seeing Casa da Torre, a manor house of Medieval origin rebuilt in the 18th century; the remarkable group of water and windmills of Moinhos do Rei, near Abadim, dating from the 12th century, and the Roman bridge of Cavez.

Cabeceiras de Basto is also a good starting point to climb Monte Farinha (the highest peak in the region, at 966 metres). On its summit, the Church of Nossa Senhora da Graça offers fine views over the valley of the river Tâmega.

| Manor & Farm Houses (2) |

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