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The county of Proença-a-Nova, with no remarkable monuments or architectural patrimony, offers nevertheless visitors a series of natural resources which favours the development of rural tourism and the opportunity of practicing activities in the open-air, such as fishing, hunting and hiking, or more adventurous sports such as parachuting (at the field of Moitas), canoeing, rappel or climbing.

Beautiful sceneries of cherry-trees in blossom, during Spring, or of valleys covered with corn fields and olive groves, green pinewoods, the stony gorge of the Almourão valley and the dramatic cliffs over the Ocreza stream are worth exploring.

The river beaches of Aldeia Ruiva, Malhadal and Fróia are also much appreciated by visitors, as well as the tiny schist villages characteristic of the inland Beira region.

The small town of Proença-a-Nova displays an interesting Mother Church, recently restored, and the Miserichord Church, with a tabernacle from the 16th century.

The county is also rich in archaeological remains, such as parts of dolmens found at the parishes of Sobreira Formosa and Proença-a-Nova, or the fine bridge of Malhadal, displaying five arches and attributed to the Romans.

The local gastronomy preserves rural flavours and offers a variety of succulent sausages (such as the typical maranho), a fine cheese made with goat milk and traditional dishes such as kidney beans stew with cabbage, roast kid, sardine with vinegar sauce and river fish with bread-soup.

Local handicrafts include works in tin, basketry, embroideries and woven linen.

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