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A small agricultural county with a landscape characterized by the valley of the rivers Cávado and Homem and by the mountainous ridges of the Serra do Gerês mountains, Amares offers visitors, besides an interesting patrimony, the charm of unspoilt sceneries and peaceful rural atmosphere.

It is worth exploring the tiny and picturesque villages with their typical granaries, handicrafts and ancient traditions, admiring the views from the mountainous zone of Abadia or discovering the fluvial beaches and bucolic landscape of the valleys of the rivers Cávado and Homem.

In terms of architectural patrimony, the county offers the religious triangle formed by the monasteries of Rendufe (founded in the 11th century, with a church displaying fine 18th-century woodwork), of Bouro (also belonging to the Benedictine order, now lodging the magnificent Pousada de Santa Maria do Bouro) and of Abadia, whose sanctuary, built in the 18th century, is surrounded by a dazzling scenery of dense vegetation and sheer cliffs. It is also the stage of a popular religious festival every year, on the 15th of August.

Another of the county's architectural features are the medieval house-towers, namely the Castle Tower at Carrazedo and, although in ruins, the Tower and Honour of Vasconcelos at the parish of Ferreiros, and the Tower of Dornelas, integrated in a 17th-century manor-house.

Better known to visitors is the thermal spa of Caldelas, whose waters of therapeutic value were already used by the Romans. The resort, located near the river Alvito, is still quite popular and offers, besides modern thermal equipment and facilities, a restful scenery surrounded by mountains which provide pleasant walks.

At a short distance, it is worth admiring the pretty medieval bridge over the river Homem.

The county of Amares is proud of its traditional gastronomy, characterized by the home-made flavours of the Minho region and including typical dishes such as rojões (pork spiced with wine and cumin), cozido à portuguesa (a variety of meat, sausages and vegetables), roast veal or «cod in the Abbey fashion».

For dessert, besides typical cakes such as rabanadas (French toast) and formigos (made of eggs, bread and honey), it is worth tasting the county's renowned oranges.

Amares also produces an excellent vinho verde (on the sunny slopes of the Cávado, much appreciated for its light and delicate aroma.

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