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The county of Lousã is characterized by its monuments, history, beautiful sceneries and specially the mountain, besides being situated near other tourist centers.

Lousã is a charming town due to the beauty of the landscape in which the plains join the mountainous ridge, and to its magnificent 18th-century houses, such as the Palácio dos Salazares.

It is worth admiring the three shrines which form the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Piety, near the Castle of Arouce, all surrounded by hills, olive groves and dense vegetation.

The ex-libris of the county is undoubtedly the fresh and green Serra da Lousã mountains, partly cultivated and inhabited but also preserving large natural spaces which haven't been submitted to human agressions or interference.

The mountain offers both pedestrian walks and several sports activities (motor sports along small forest roads, or adventure sports such as orientation competitions and mountain athletics). On the other hand, the rivers and streams are excellent for trout fishing, or visitors can hunt wild boar and deer.

At Senhora da Piedade, imponent cliffs rise from the valley where the river runs and there are several fluvial pools.

But there are other interesting sites in the county, such as Serpins (with the best panorama of the region between Picoto and Sacões) and Semide, with the remains of an important 13th-century monastery and handicrafts of embroidery and lace.

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