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Located on the fertile valley of the river Sousa, Lousada is an essentially rural county, although the textile industry is also an important part of the region's economy.

Several estates and manor-houses dating from the 17th and 18th centuries reflect the former prosperity of the rural aristocracy, and the county also boasts of monuments and historical sites from a remote past, such as the pre-Roman settlement at Cristelos, known as Castro de São Domingos, with archaeological ruins of Celtic origin, probably from the 4th century BC.

Another of the county's historical attractions is the medieval construction known as Moors Tower, at Vilar do Torno e Alentém, a fine example of Romanesque military architecture from the 13th-14th centuries.

The religious patrimony of Lousada offers several interesting temples, such as the Romanesque church of Meinedo (13th century) with a rectangular body and adjoining bell-tower and a rich Baroque altarpiece in gilded woodwork, or the Mother Church of Aveleda, also in the Romanesque style and exhibiting a fine sculpted portal with ornamented pillars. The church of Pias, from the same period, has a curious bell-tower which was built separately from the temple.

Also worth admiring are the 17th-century pillory at the seat of the county and the Romanesque bridges of Vilela, at the parish of Aveleda and exhibiting four arches, and the one at Meinedo, both over the river Sousa.

The gastronomy of Lousada offers specialities such as roast kid with rice or rojões (pork cooked with wine, garlic and cumin) and several typical sweets with quaint and attractive names, such as beijinhos (kisses) and bolinhos do amor (love cookies).

Local handicrafts include beautiful works in linen and embroideries.

| Pensions and Boarding Houses (2) | Manor & Farm Houses (2) |

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