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Crossed by the river Tâmega and surrounded by mountains, this pretty town proudly displays its 17th-century mansions, with colourful balconies of painted wood brightly decorating the narrow streets, its restaurants with terraces overlooking the river or the beautiful bridge of São Gonçalo, which leads to the great monastery of the 16th century that bears the name of the same saint.

Indeed, the growth of the town was closely linked to this preacher with a saintly reputation who arrived there in the 13th century: today, many religious and popular festivities are still held in his name, being the main festival of São Gonçalo celebrated in the first weekend of June.

His memory lives on in the monastery, specially in the chapel where his tomb has become quite eroded by being touched by the hands of thousands of pilgrims.

Amarante is equally proud of the Museu Amadeo de Sousa-Cardoso, one of the leading portuguese painters of the 20th century (1887-1918). The museum displays a rich collection of the works by this artist.

The town is also famous for its cakes and sweet pastries, following a tradition begun by the nuns of the Convent of Saint Claire: particularly appreciated are the papos de anjo (angel's bellies), small pastries of egg and sugar that owe their name to their delicate shape.

Amarante is characterized by its relation with the mountains and river: the latter, with its banks full of trees, invites to tranquil walks and water sports, but the mountains are ideal for long walking excursions, specially in spring, with the colourful blossom of many wild flowers.

| Pousadas (1) | Hotels (3) | Manor & Farm Houses (5) | Camping Sites (1) |

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