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Founded in the 13th century, the town of Vinhais lies in the so-called «Cold Land», a zone of sparse population, bleak mountains, forests of oaks and valleys of heather, alders and willows.

The town has some ancient mansions, such as those of Casas Novas or Corujeira and the emblazed manor of Arrabalde, besides an old castle in ruins and a lovely fountain from the 17th century.

However, its main attraction is the extraordinary landscape which may be admired from the top of the Cidadelha hill or from the belvedere at the Chapel of Saint Anthony, offering views over part of the Natural Park of Montesinho with its wild beauty which attracts trekkers and bicycle riders.

Small villages with a medieval look nestle at the foot of mountains providing shelter to a rare fauna of wolves, golden eagles, boars and falcons. Fans of fishing will also find at the river Tuela salmon trouts, barbels and eels.

The handicrafts of the county of Vinhais offer typical wollen socks and bedspreads, lace, wicker baskets and works in wood.

As for the local food, visitors will find excellent game dishes, namely of partridge and hare, a succulent feijoada à transmontana (stew of red beans and cured meats) and an original veal with chestnuts, among other specialities of the Trás-os-Montes gastronomy.

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