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The county of Valpaços, set in the ecological zone of the Higher Tâmega and at the heart of northeastern Trás-os-Montes, offers visitors, besides the spectacular landscapes of the Padrela mountains and the fertile valleys of the rivers Torto and Rabaçal, a significant historical and archaeological patrimony, wines and olive oil of justified reputation and good facilities for the practice of water sports, fishing and hunting.

At the seat of the county, it is worth admiring the Mother Church, with a granite vault and choir with balusters, or the Pinto Leite manorhouse, also known as Arch House, including a Renaissance chapel with a pointed dome.

Near the town, the sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios offers a dazzling panorama.

Equally magnificent are the views from the Serra da Padrela belvedere over the valley of Pedras Salgadas and the mountains of Larouco and Sanábria, rising in neighbouring Galicia.

Valpaços is a county rich in Prehistoric remains, namely of pre-Celtic origin, and has a large number of constructions from the Roman period, such as the grand bridge of Valtelhas, over the river Rabaçal, displaying five arches, or the milestones at Poçacos.

The county also boasts of many fine manors and noble houses: the emblazoned and Baroque Solar dos Calainhos (near Fornos do Pinhal), the Solar dos Morgados (at Vilartão) and the Solar dos Vieiras (at Vassal) are some of the most impressive examples.

At Carrazedo de Montenegro, known as the «capital of chestnuts», it is worth visiting the Saint Nicholas Mother Church (18th century), with a beautiful Baroque façade and stone cross.

Valpaços is an excellent place to enjoy calm holidays in close contact with Nature, offering good conditions for excursions by foot or all-terrain car and for water sports such as rafting and canoeing, besides the pretty fluvial beaches of Rabaçal and Sanfins.

The tasty regional food offers specialities such as the famous folar of Valpaços (a kind of pie with different meats and sausages) and excellent ham and cured meats, besides the well-known wines of the local co-operative cellar.

Traditional handicrafts include embroideries and linen and wool artefacts, and also works in tin.

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