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The county of Sabrosa displays a diversified geography, with the northern zone dominated by a harsh landscape of granite boulders, and the southern part, included in the Higher Douro Wine-growing region (declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO), with characteristic terraced vineyards offering unforgettable views.

The region, inhabited since remote times, has an interesting archaeological heritage, displaying monuments from the Neolithic period such as the burial dolmens on the mountains of Senhora da Azinheira and Criveiro and the plateaus of Pinhão Cel, or the fortified settlements at Sabrosa and São Domingos, dating from the Iron Age.

The county surprises visitors with the wealth and stunning architecture of manors and emblazoned houses rising all over the region, built between the 15th and 19th centuries, first because of the prosperity afforded by the Discoveries, and then with the foundation, by the Marquis of Pombal, of the Douro Demarcated Wine Region, in 1756.

Some of the finest examples are the Solar dos Canavarros (17th century), turned into an hotel, the Comba House, with the coat of arms sculpted on an enormous granite block, or the Pereiras House, dating from the 16th century, and where the famous navigator Magellan is said to have been born, but there are many other beautiful manor-houses at Provesende, Celeirós, Vilarinho de São Romão, Gouvães, etc.

In terms of religious architecture, it is worth visiting the Chapel of Our Lady of Azinheira, at São Martinho de Anta, and the Mother Church of Celeirós do Douro, both in the Baroque style.

Equally interesting are the fountain (18th century) and the pillory (1573) of Provesende, and another pillory at Gouvães do Douro, shaped like a cage supported by a great pillar.

Besides the renowned wines of the Douro region, Sabrosa offers a succulent and savoury gastronomy, including dishes such as roast kid with oven-baked rice, cozido à portuguesa (a variety of meats, sausages and vegetables) and bôla de carne (meat pie), besides typical desserts such as pão-de-ló (sponge cake) and cavacas (glazed cookies).

In terms of local handicrafts, visitors will still be able to find interesting works in basketry, cooperage, cabinet-making and lace.

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