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The county of Trofa occupies a valley between the mountain of Covelas and the hill of Saint Gens, bathed by the River Ave and displaying extensive green areas of forest and fertile fields.

In spite of its rural essence, the influence of Oporto, located at a short distance, has caused a swift development of local industries and commerce and also increased its suburban characteristics.

In terms of tourism, Trofa offers essentially a landscape of undeniable beauty, but it also boasts of some interesting examples of religious architecture and of archaeological remains, such as the Castro de Alvarelhos, classified as a national monument (a fortified settlement dating from pre-historic times and later occupied by the Romans), or the eight milestones found between the parishes of Bougado and Muro, built by the Romans on the military way linking Bracara Augusta (the city of Braga) to Oporto.

The religious patrimony includes the Holy Spirit Chapel and Stone Cross at the parish of Coronado, the Stone Cross of São Martinho de Bougado, rising isolated on a small square, and the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows, from the 19th century.

It is worth exploring the county's green hillsides and valleys, crossed by many brooks and streams, or enjoying the fluvial beaches on the banks of the River Ave.

Trofa doesn't offer a specific gastronomy of its own, but rather reflects the traditional cuisine of all the region, including typical specialities such as caldo verde (cabbage soup), rojões (chunks of spiced fried pork), cozido à portuguesa (a variety of meats, sausages and vegetables), roast kid and sucking-pig, besides local «green wines» of delicate flavour.

Handicrafts include wood toys, works in iron and wire, pottery, objects in tin, embroideries and lace.


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