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This quaint village, where flowers seem to be more loved than elsewhere in Madeira, is famous for its enchanting cottages with pointed thatched roofs and it exibits more than one hundred of these triangular houses.

Some of them have been restored and newly painted with bright colours and can be visited by tourists. With their cheerful gardens surrounded by hydrangeas and boxwood fences, they are surprisingly spacious inside, with a living area downstairs and bedrooms up in the loft.

The valley produces fruit and vegetables in abundance, as well as the willow branches that provide the raw material for the wicker weavers of Camacha.

From here there are walking trips up to Cova da Roupa, Queimadas (following a levada walk, the visitor enters the freshness of the madeiran woods) and, specially, to Pico Ruivo (the island's highest point, at an altitude of 1861 metres, offering breathtaking views).

Madeira's highest mountain is only acessible by foot, through a signed footpath that begins at the village of Achada do Teixeira and leads the excursionists on a 45-minute walk to the top. Wonderful mountain scenery and magnificent views can be enjoyed all along the walk.

| Hotels (2) | Manor & Farm Houses (2) |

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