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The smallest island of the Azores has less than 500 inhabitants and a single village, Vila Nova do Corvo.

The island results from the eruption of a marine volcano whose top was blown off and created an enormous crater, known as Caldeirão (cauldron), 300 metres deep and reaching a perimeter of 3.7 kilometres; the island's highest point, Monte Grosso, rises at an altitude of 770 metres.

At the bottom of the crater, two tranquil lakes with tiny islets are one of the island's main attractions, together with the curious rocks and scenic viewpoints and the verdant landscape in contrast with the deep blue sea, characterized by an extremely rich and diversified marine fauna (the waters around Corvo are much appreciated by fans of fishing, either by boat or from the rocky shores, and diving).

Before leaving the island, it is worth taking some time to visit the small and isolated village and its typical houses with façades of dark stone decorated with white trims around the windows and doors, picturesque cobbled streets and the pretty church of Our Lady of Miracles, the island's patron saint, which shelters a Flemish image from the 16th century.


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