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Vila Verde

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At the heart of the lush, green Minho region, the county of Vila Verde offers natural sceneries of great beauty, the light and sparkling vinho verde, pretty villages and traditional handicrafts.

Interesting 17th and 18th-centuries manors and churches, mainly in the Baroque style, may be seen across the county, such as the former Town Halls of Prado and Moure, the Casa da Torre at Soutelo, the Chapel of Saint Anthony at the town of Vila Verde and the church of the Santuário do Alívio, also at Soutelo.

The valleys of the rivers Cávado, Homem and Neiva, with exuberant vegetation, are known for their bucolic charm and include fluvial beaches (such as those of Malheira and Faial) popular for water sports, namely canoeing, rowing and fishing.

The mountainous zones, thickly wooded, offer peaceful spots with enchanting views.

Vila Verde is known for the high quality of its handicrafts, specially the typical lenços dos namorados (lover's handkerchieves), embroidered by local women since the 18th century to offer to an eventual suitor who had to wear it in public to show he was interested.

Local pottery and wickerwork are also much appreciated.

The gastronomy of Vila Verde, as of all the Minho region, is characterized by succulent dishes such as roast kid, rojões (fried pork spiced with cumin, garlic and wine) or cozido à portuguesa (a variety of meat, sausages and vegetables served in their own broth).

Those with a sweet tooth will find specialities such as the famous pudim abade de Priscos, a pudding named after the abbot who invented it and made with eggs and pork fat flavoured with Port wine, lemon and cinnamon.

Naturally, meals should be accompanied by the local vinho verde, produced in estates all over the region.

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