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Known for its wine production, Borba may be also described as the «town of white marble», an abundant material at the region, widely used for all kinds of constructions.

It is thus natural that the town's most remarkable monument is Fonte das Bicas, an impressive fountain made of white marble and displaying busts of the consort monarchs Maria I and Peter III, to whom it was consecrated in 1781, among other sculpted figures.

Also made of white marble, the 17th-century pillory rises at the centre of Borba, whose religious and architectural patrimony includes other sites of interest, such as the medieval castle (founded in 1302), the Town Hall (17th century), the Mother Church (15th century), the Church of Saint Anthony (with local white and black marbles), the Church of Saint Bartholomew (17th century, displaying altars in marble and gilded woodwork) and the Chapels of the Via Crucis, spread across town, as well as several stately houses and elegant manors.

At a short distance from Borba, it is worth stopping to visit the picturesque village of Barro Branco, displaying the church of Our Lady of Victory (17th century), with a curious pagoda-shaped roof, and Padrão de Montes Claros (a stone obelisk to celebrate victory at the battle).

Local handicrafts naturally offer different objects in marble, but visitors will also find furniture and objects in wood and forged iron and clay earthenware.

The traditional flavours of the Alentejo dominate the county's gastronomy, which includes typical specialities such as shark or purslane soup, migas com entrecosto (bread dish with spare ribs) or ensopado de borrego (lamb stew with bread), besides exquisite desserts and the famous local wines of excellent quality.

| Manor & Farm Houses (1) |

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