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Ponte de Sor

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The biggest county of the district of Portalegre, it is characterized by fertile lands and its forests of cork-oaks gave birth to an important industry of cork products.

Ponte de Sor, the seat of the county, is a pleasant town, surrounded by a verdant landscape and with some interesting churches and chapels, such as the Miserichord Church, with a 16th-century image of the Holy Spirit.

However, the region's main attraction is the Montargil Dam, where fishing enthusiasts will find plenty to do (barbels, carps, eels, perches..), while other visitors may equally profit by eating a delicious fish soup at one of the local restaurants or enjoying water sports at the dam's lake, which stretches for more than 20 kilometres.

At Montargil, it is also worth visiting the Mother Church and the Megalithic Nucleus.

At the village of Galveias, surrounded by fertile lands which produce wine, olive oil, fruit and honey, there is also an interesting Mother Church with rich ornaments from the 17th and 18th centuries.

As for local handicrafts, Galveias specialises in woven baskets which make pretty souvenirs and Ponte de Sor is known for its works in decorated marble and versatile articles in cork, such as mats and decorated water and food containers, among many others.

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