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The town and head of the county was founded at the top of a fortified hill, thus giving origin to its name (forte means both strong and fort).

Stretching from the ruined castle, with four bulwarks, a moat and a cistern, fortified walls surrounded all of the town, but they were demolished after the treaties that ended the last wars with Spain.

The local population lives essentially of agriculture, as the surrounding lands are fertile, but Monforte has registered development over the last years.

An interesting and narrow Roman bridge gives access to the small town.

It is worth visiting the Magdalene Church, crowned by battlements and decorated with painted tiles inside, the Church of Our Lady of Conception, also ornamented with tiles (17th century), and the Calvary Church.

The village of Vaiamonte, crossed by broad and tranquil streets, lies near a small stream and a hill where important Pre-historic vestiges were found.

At the zone, there is a Roman villa at the estate of Herdade da Torre da Palma, where visitors can also see Fonte da Fornalha, a curious spring which, unlike the others, has more water in Summer than during the Winter.

At Barbacena, a village founded in 1273, it is worth admiring the pillory, from the same period, the castle and the dolmens at the estates of Herdade da Fontalva and Herdade do Torrão.

Also in the region, the gay-looking village of Santa Eulália exhibits meticulously clean streets and squares, typical houses of the Alentejo and the 17th-century parish church.

The country is proud of its traditional handicrafts, namely the works in cork, wood, stone, horn, wicker and leather, besides the typical needleworks made by the local women.

Visitors should also taste the delicious regional cheese.

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