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On the southern zone of the district of Portalegre, the county of Fronteira was inhabited by human communities since Pre-historic times and remains of megalithic constructions are found all over the region, from the cromlechs of the Herdade Grande Necropolis to the engravings at Herdade dos Pintos, among other archaeological sites.

At the town of Fronteira, characterized by typical white-washed houses topped by great chimneys, it is worth admiring the Mother Church, founded in 1571, the 16th-century stone pillory, the Clock Tower (in granite, built in 1612 and rebuilt in 1878), and the Chapel of the Lord of Martyrs, from the 18th century, lined with painted tiles.

On the north of the county, the village of Cabeço de Vide, seat of a former county eliminated in 1855, boasts of having the largest communal square of Alentejo (built in the 1930's with a geometrical layout) and of an interesting patrimony, including the Holy Spirit Chapel (16th century, with marble portals in the Renaissance style), the ruins of an ancient castle, the stone pillory and cross and a quaint railway station, decorated with tiles portraying rural scenes (1933).

However, the main attraction of Cabeço de Vide is the Sulphurous Thermal Spa, whose waters of therapeutic value were already used by the Romans and is located at a beautiful zone, where a wood of plane-trees, crossed by a stream, shelters several natural springs and fountains.

The traditional handicrafts of Fronteira offer diversified objects, from works in cork and wood, pottery and painted ceramics to embroideries and artifacts made of horn.

At table, visitors may savour typical specialities of the Alentejo, such as shark soup, sarapatel (haggis), juicy bread dishes, lamb stew with bread and a delicious local cake, bolo de folha.

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