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Situated at only 12 kilometres from the border, Elvas could be considered only a frontier town and a place of passage. But it is much more than this.

The fortifications around the old town are extremely well preserved and remind us of the agitated history of Elvas: first it remained 500 years in the hands of the Moors and then, over the next centuries, suffered periodic attacks from Spain.

The castle of Roman and Moorish origin crowns the town's steep streets and was rebuilt in 1226; then it was futher remodelled over the years.

Another of the town's principal features is the great aqueduct which was begun in 1498 and completed in 1622: it has a total of 843 arches in up to five tiers and some of its towers rise above 30 metres.

Worth visiting are also the Church of Nossa Senhora da Assunção, built in the 16th century by the same architect that designed the aqueduct, and the Church of Nossa Senhora dos Aflitos, with its marble columns and beautiful painted ceramic tyles from the 17th century.

A stay at Elvas can afford many other pleasant discoveries, specially since rural tourism has begun to be introduced as an alternative for those who wish to avoid loud and crowded centres.

Fishing is an option in the valley of the river Guadiana, and there are also hunting facilities across the region. The Caia Dam also welcomes fishing and water sports enthusiasts and all this area can be explored in hiking, bicycle and jeep excursions.

Finally, the visitor can also appreciate the region's gastronomical specialities: bread soup, rich pork and lamb recipes, cured meats and the famous olives and plums of Elvas.

| Pousadas (1) | Hotels (3) | Inns (3) | Pensions and Boarding Houses (2) | Manor & Farm Houses (1) |

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