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Figueiró dos Vinhos

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A region of verdant scenery, fertile fields and abundant streams, the main attraction Figueiró dos Vinhos has to offer visitors is the beauty of its landscape, depicted at the county's dams, lakes, gardens, wooded highlands and valleys.

It is worth exploring the banks of the Alge stream, which ends its course at the tranquil waters of the river Zêzere and offers good conditions for fishing and other water sports.

At the seat of the county, displaying a pleasant Municipal Garden, the Mother Church, classified as a national monument, has a beautiful Renaissance portal, an altarpiece with paintings by José Malhoa (a well-known Portuguese artist from the 19th century who lived here) and a 13th-century burial vault, among other treasures.

Nearby, the former Carmelite Convent still preserves part of the cloister and a small church with altars in gilded woodwork and handsome decorated tiles.

At a short distance from Figueiró dos Vinhos, it is worth visiting the ruins of old ironworks which manufactured parts for naval artillery and fortifications in the 18th century.

The county's cuisine offers several dishes with fish from the rivers and streams (such as trout and carp) and typical desserts such as sweetened chestnuts and pão-de-ló (a kind of sponge cake).

Local handicrafts include works in wicker, wood, tin and woven fabrics.

Figueiró dos Vinhos has a Handicrafts Centre, open all year round to show and sell the region's traditional products.

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