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Located at a mountainous zone full of forests, rivers, streams and natural springs, the main tourist asset of the county of Oleiros is precisely the beauty of its natural patrimony.

This unspoilt region preserves intact many of its rural characteristics and roots, as may be seen at Álvaro, one of the «schist villages», where the timeless relation between the population's cultural identity and nature may still be appreciated.

The abundance of streams that cross the county favour fishing, whereas several walks and trails invite visitors to explore the most scenic spots and viewpoints, namely at the banks of the river Zêzere, the Serra do Muradal mountains or the wonderful waterfalls at Água d'Alta (high water).

The county also boasts of a series of interesting chapels and churches, such as the Mother Church (16th-18th centuries, displaying beautiful tiles and gilded woodwork), the Miserichord Church (16th century) and the Chapel of Our Lady Mother of Men (18th century), at the small town of Oleiros.

In terms of handicrafts, the county offers cork benches, works in copper, woven linen and embroideries and basketry.

At table, rural flavours predominate and the region boasts of specialities such as the famous cabrito estonado of Oleiros (roasted kid with crisp crackling), grilled trout, breaded rabbit or chestnut soup, besides traditional desserts such as honey cake and filhós (a kind of puff pastry) and medronho, a popular local spirit.

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