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Most of the county of Fundão lies in a geographical valley known as Cova da Beira (Beira Hollow), between the Estrela and Gardunha mountains and crossed by the river Zêzere.

The region is fertile, with abundant springs and covered with orchards and chestnut-tree groves.

Fundão, an important town in the region for commercial and industrial reasons, has fine churches and splendid mansions and stately houses, namely from the 17th and 18th centuries, when it knew great prosperity due to the tin mines and a thriving textile industry.

It is worth visiting the Mother Church, the chapels of Saint Anthony, of Our Lady of Light and of Saint Francis, all from the 16th century, the Archaeological Museum and the Town Hall.

On the southern slope of the Serra da Gardunha mountains, the village of Alpedrinha has a curious number of fountains, due to its abundant waters; the most interesting are the monumental Chafariz de Dom João V or Royal Fountain, with six waterspouts, and the Fonte do Leão (Lion's Fountain), one of the oldest (15th century), which gave its name to the famous Lion's Chapel.

Although the village was sacked for several times during the French invasions, it still preserves a fine pillory and the former Town Hall (17th century).

The local gastronomy includes specialities such as partridge with vinegar sauce, roast kid and olive oil biscuits.

| Hotels (4) | Inns (1) | Youth Hostels (1) | Manor & Farm Houses (2) |

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