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The county of Pinhel is situated to the North of the city of Guarda and the mountainous range of Serra da Estrela and next to the border.

Part of the region's defences since Roman times, the town of Pinhel was a center of a network of fortresses and King Dinis transformed it into an impressive citadel in the early 14th century.

Much of the primitive walls can still be seen today, as well as the two grand quadrangular towers (one exhibiting a beautiful Manueline window) which remain of the castle.

It is worth visiting the church of Saint Mary of the Castle, with a remarkable sculpture depicting the «Holy Mothers», and the fourteen paintings at the main chapel dating from the 17th century.

Although in ruins, the Miserichord Church still displays a fine Manueline portal surmounted by the royal coat of arms and an armillary sphere.

Pinhel is nowadays noted for its wines, usually red and acidulated and with a low alcohol content.

The county has a cold and harsh climate in Winter, with frequent snow, but also many natural beauties and some interesting Romanesque monuments, such as the Trinity Church (with a portal of four archivolts) and the bridge with two arches over the Cabras stream, on the way to Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo.

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