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On the western side of the Serra da Estrela mountains, Portugal's highest, the county of Gouveia boasts of magnificent sceneries of the Mondego valley, full of streams, lakes and lagoons, as well as abundant fauna and flora, whereas a landscape of granite boulders (and, during Winter, snow) characterizes the upper slopes.

The town of Gouveia displays an interesting architectural patrimony with fine monuments, churches, manors and a series of ancient quarters with clustered houses and narrow and winding streets.

The impressive and spacious Mother Church (17th century) exhibits beautiful gilded woodwork and rises near the Tower House, with wonderful Renaissance windows (including one which has been classified as a national monument).

It is also worth visiting the Miserichord Church (18th century), the Saint Lazarus Fountain (1779) and the 18th-century manor of Serpa Pimentel, or climbing to the terrace at the top of Mount Calvary to admire the 18th-century chapel and dazzling panoramic view over the surrounding region.

Gouveia also offers visitors diversified leisure activities, such as fishing and canoeing on the rivers and streams or exploring the mountain through trails for walkers or by 4x4 or mountain bicycles.

At table, besides the famous Serra cheese, there are excellent sausages, cured meats and roast kid, among other specialities, and typical desserts such as curd cheese with squash jam and rice pudding made with ewe's milk.

| Hotels (1) | Manor & Farm Houses (10) | Private Houses (1) |

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