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Fornos de Algodres

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Driving from the city of Guarda, the town of Fornos de Algodres seems like a Nativity scene, with its small white houses nestling against the slope like toy figures.

This ancient seat of the county has a fine 16th-century pillory, a beautiful 18th-century manor-house which was once the Town Hall, the Miserichord Church (also from the 18th century) and other fine emblazoned mansions.

It is one of the counties producing the famous Serra cheese which can be found at the local markets.

Across the region there are several cromlechs to be admired. These impressive stone monuments, dating from the dolmenic civilization, were used for religious rites and for paying hommage to the dead. They reveal the social organization and religious feelings of the men who built them, as the huge stones had often to be dragged from many miles away.

At the modest village of Algodres, dominating a vast panorama, the dark granite houses and a remarkable pillory attract the visitor's attention, as well as the Mother Church with a charming image of Our Lady of Piety and an interesting altar frontal of Sevilla-made tiles.

| Manor & Farm Houses (1) |

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