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Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo

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The actual seat of the county, Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, inherited its name from the fortified village of Castelo Rodrigo, largely abandoned during the 18th century.

The walled town, famous for its almond blossom, can be seen from far away in the bleak landscape, with its granite houses blending perfectly with the rocky scenery dominated by the Serra da Marofa mountains, reaching an height of 977 metres.

It is at this highest point that stands the huge stone statue of Christ the King, mastering a vast and grand panorama which offers, namely during February and March, the dazzling vision of almond-trees in blossom.

At the town, it is worth admiring the walls with its round turrets (15th to 17th centuries), the ruins of the Cristvo de Moura Palace (it was burnt down during the Restoration of the Independence in 1640, when the population rose against the traitor and sympathizer of the Spanish King), the pillory and several fine Manueline windows at the Rua da Cadeia street, and also the ruined Monastery and Church of Saint Mary of Aguiar (13th to 17th centuries).

As for the region's gastronomy, the roast kid is often excellent, as well as the local cheese and the sweet speciality orelhas de dom-abade (ears of dom-abbot).

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