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Aguiar da Beira

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Aguiar da Beira
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The austere and mountainous landscape, characterized by the huge granite boulders of the Serra da Lapa mountains, dominates most of the county and contrasts with zones of dense vegetation, such as the area around Termas da Cavaca, known for its thermal waters of therapeutic value.

Perching on a rocky height, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lapa has a Baroque chapel built to enshrine a dramatic altar carved in a stony recess.

The town of Aguiar da Beira, founded in 1120, preserves the ruins of its ancient castle, remains of the fortified walls and the Romanesque chapel of Our Lady of the Castle at the highest zone, whereas a curious architectural combination at the foot of the hill gathers within the same site the Fonte Ameada (battlemented fountain, of Arab construction, with an arched door leading to the diving pool), the 15th-century Clock Tower and a Manueline pillory, crowned by an armillary sphere, among noble manors and humble houses made of granite.

The county's traditional gastronomy offers excellent sausages, cured meats, ham and Serra cheese, roast kid and veal and spare ribs with greens, as well as typical desserts such as olive-oil cake, queijadas de carapito (small cheese-cakes) and cavacas (light, crisp cakes).

In terms of handicrafts, the traditional wrappers, hoods and gaiters made of rush, once worn by shepherds to protect themselves from the harsh winters, are now mostly used for decoration.

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