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The beautiful natural sceneries of the Serra do Caramulo mountains, the fertile plateaux of the Besteiros Valley, vast forested zones and pretty fluvial beaches characterize the tourism offer of Tondela, although the county's architectural and religious patrimony also displays several sites of interest.

Caramulo combines the charm of verdant mountainous slopes dotted with tiny villages, ideal for walks or outdoor activities, with a fine Romanesque church from the 13th century, several dolmens and other pre-historic monuments and two interesting museums.

Visitors may admire the eclectic exhibits of the Art Museum, including ceramics, tapestries, objects in silver, ivory and bronze and a collection of paintings where artists such as Salvador Dalí, Picasso, Amadeo de Sousa Cardoso and Vieira da Silva are represented.

Another space to enjoy is the Automobile Museum and its collection of old cars and vehicles, including wonderful Bugattis, Rolls-Royces and Ferraris.

Across the county, there are several handsome manor-houses, namely from the 17th and 18th centuries (such as the Solar dos Teles and the Solar de Santa Ana, at Tondela, or the emblazoned manor of Vilar de Besteiros), as well as fine churches and chapels, such as the Mother Church of Guardão, founded in the 13th century, or the Old Mother Church of Canas de Santa Maria (in the Gothic style and classified as a national monument).

At the town of Tondela, the beautiful 18th-century Fonte da Sereia (mermaid fountain), crowned by a sculpture of a woman holding a trumpet, also deserves to be admired.

Regional food offers several traditional dishes, such as roast kid, cozido à Portuguesa (a variety of vegetables, sausages and meats) or chanfana (kid stew in wine sauce), often served in typical black earthenware of Molelos, where hand-made pottery may still be found and includes a variety of objects, from casseroles to jugs, pots and spirit-burners.

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