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Vila Nova de Cerveira

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Vila Nova de Cerveira
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The small walled town of Vila Nova de Cerveira was founded in 1320 by king Dinis, after whom the magnificent pousada installed in the 16th-century castle has been named.

Facing the Spanish town of Goián across the river Minho, Vila Nova de Cerveira has fine 17th and 18th-century mansions lining its narrow streets and a tranquil atmosphere which enhances its charm. It is worth visiting the Mother Church and the Miserichord Chapel.

The river Minho provides dazzling sceneries, such as the panorama that can be admired at Loivo or from the beautiful 17th-century mansion of Quinta do Outeiral, at Gondarém.

Still on the river, the green «carpet» of the island of Boega and the lush vegetation of the romantically named ilha dos Amores (love island) are only disturbed by nightingales singing or trouts jumping in the water.

The regional gastronomy is naturally influenced by the river: visitors are never disappointed tasting the delicious shad with rice, stewed lamprey or with rice, or grey mullet roasted in the oven.

| Hotels (1) | Inns (1) | Youth Hostels (1) | Resorts and Apartments (1) |

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