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So Joo da Pesqueira

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Schist elevations and small villages rising on terraces halfway up the slopes characterize the county of So Joo da Pesqueira, with an extensive zone integrated in the Douro Demarcated Region and producing Port and table wines of excellent quality.

White farmhouses appear scattered across the landscape, surrounded by vineyards, orchards and fields of olive and almond trees.

The town of So Joo da Pesqueira is proud of its historical centre, the Republic Square, framed by buildings of recently restored facades, such as the 18th-century Miserichord Chapel, the Clock Tower and arcades, from the same period, and the former Town Hall (19th century).

The seat of the county also exhibits the remarkable Casa do Cabo, an 18th-century manor with an ornamented facade and beautiful gardens which now lodges the district court.

At about three kilometres, visitors shouldn't miss the Saviour of the World Sanctuary, rising at 711 metres and including nine small chapels from the end of the 16th century, a magic and secluded spot offering wonderful views.

Other interesting sites at the county include the parish of Soutelo do Douro (Manueline pillory and the belvedere at the chapel of Our Lady of Snow); the typical village of Vilarouco, near the river Douro, featuring the magnificent manor of Casa do Adro (1605), and also the archaeological remains, the Parish Church and the Holy Martyrs Chapel at Paredes da Beira.

The ancient village of Treves, nestled between mountains, exhibits the beautiful Mother Church of Saint Mary (declared a national monument) and the impressive manor of Caiados, with a noble faade and remarkable chapel.

The traditional gastronomy of So Joo da Pesqueira is dominated by rural flavours and offers a variety of excellent sausages, a delicious roast kid with oven-baked rice and a typical bola de carne (a rich bread dough layered with a mixture of cured meats).

Adepts of hunting and fishing will also find good opportunities at So Joo da Pesqueira.


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