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The magnificent castle of Penedono dominates this vast zone separating the Beira and Douro regions, characterized by a landscape full of contrasts between bleak mountains and fertile fields and pastures.

Built on a rocky escarpment, the 11th-century castle rises above the medieval town, with houses and monuments carved in granite from the surrounding mountains, and is an unique example of the period's military architecture, due to its triangular shape.

There are many other interesting sites at Penedono, such as the curious «cage» pillory from the 16th century, the austere and impressive Freixos Manor, now lodging the Town Hall, and the former Town Hall itself, which as been adapted to become the Estalagem de Penedono inn.

It is also worth admiring the Saviour's Church, with an altarpiece in gilded woodwork, the 17th-century chapels of Saint Barbara and Saint Luzia and the Calvary Chapel.

The county is also rich in pre-historic remains, of which the most curious is the dolmen of Senhora do Monte, classified as a national monument, formed by a great Megalithic grave which was used to host a Christian chapel during the Middle Ages.

The dolmen is included in the necropolis at the plateau of Senhora do Monte, formed by eight pre-historic burial monuments which have been excavated along three kilometres.

At table, Penedono preserves rural flavours and traditions, offering excellent home-made sausages, roast kid, pork dishes, cakes and puddings made with chestnuts and typical cavacas (light, crisp cakes).

Local handicrafts also reflect traditional skills and include bedspreads and rugs in wool and cotton, embroideries and linen and works in galingale (junça), a plant that grows on the region's mountainous areas.

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